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The Board of Ministries of Aides International, Incorporated (MAII)

Rev. Lucien Duperier

Founder & CEO

HE was born in Port Margot, Haiti and witnessed his community's harsh living conditions from a young age. He and his brother rescued many abandoned and orphaned children from the streets, brought them home, and provided them a safe and secure life.
In 1981, he founded Ministries of Aides International, Incorporated (MAII) with the mission of helping children in underserved communities seek economic self-sufficiency. With the help of several open-minded persons, Rev. Lucien began his humanitarian journey to help children build more decent and dignified futures.
Aside from his work with MAII, Rev. Lucien is the founding pastor of Grace Tabernacle Church of God in Massachusetts and eleven other churches in Haiti.

Michelle Arya


Michelle Arya holds a doctorate in genetics from Tufts University, a master of liberal arts from Harvard University and has worked in scientific research for over ten years. She also serves as co-chair of the sponsorship committee and is an event leader/volunteer for the Massachusetts chapter of the Association of Women in Science. She also co-owns, with her husband, the Proletariat Cook, a purveyor of wild apple butter.

Evens Fontil

Chief Financial Officer

He holds a bachelor degree in business management from Kaplan University, a master of Theology from Liberty University. Evens was born in Haiti and came to the United States at the age of 10. He's a Christian and plays many roles in his church. Evens has worked for MAII for over ten years and has the opportunity to go on a few missions trips over the year with MAII. Evens enjoyed helping those who cannot help themselves.

Marie Duperier


I have been volunteering with MAII for over 20 years. I am currently serving as treasurer of the board of MAII. I love children and I love the work that MAII is doing. I see Rev. Lucien as a hero since he is doing so much to help others in need. I will continue to help and support MAII.

Jean Lafontant

Operation Program Director

Jean graduated from Columbia University with a B.A. in neuroscience and behavior. and will soon be applying to medical schools. He currently works as a lab technician conducting cancer research in the Center for Drug Discovery at Northeastern University. Jean has experience working as an advocate and resource coordinator at Health Leads.
He believes that significant leaps of progress are made in the world when people combine loving action with critical thinking and hard work.
Jean enjoys reading critical theory, philosophical and sociological texts. He also enjoys watching basketball and football, watching movies, studying chess, and running.

Wladimir Lahens

International Liaison

I have been volunteering with MAII since August of 2006. I was born in Haiti and I have been living in the United States since 1997. I love the work that MAII does to help others and I am a big believer in helping out others. Also, I admire the work, and the dedication of the founder Rev. Lucien Duperier who has made it his life's work to help others who are less fortunate. I have visited most of the school sites and the orphanage. Thru MAII, I had started as office secretary and now I have been fortunate to be elected to its board of Advisory. Working with MAII provided me with more skills for the betterment of both myself and others.

Yodeline Guillaume

Chief Information / Communications Officer

Yodeline is a research associate at a major hospital in Boston. She holds an MA in sociology from Northeastern University and has a BA in psychology from Emmanuel College. Prior to joining the MAII board, she served on advisory board for a non-profit organization that sought to facilitate access to secondary education in Haiti through the provision of scholarships. Over the past 10 years, she has volunteered with various academic, medical, and non-profit institutions aiming to improve the education and health outcomes of groups in both the U.S. and Haiti. She joined MAII because she believes in the power of education to transform the lives of underserved children and families and bring about positive changes in communities.
She is passionate about social science research to improving thinking, and practices around social and public health issues.

Maryse Clairzier

Board Secretary

Maryse obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology with a minor in Applied Science from Wentworth Institute of Technology and has a Certificate in Supervision and Leadership in Human Services. A native of Haiti, Maryse shares the same vision as MAII, is passionate about the education of underprivileged children, and believes that education and healthcare are necessities of every human being. She has volunteered her time teaching computer literacy, tutoring math, and assisting young adults in obtaining their GED. With more than two decades of experience in administration, non-profit, and information technology, she also volunteers as an interpreter for non-English Haitian speakers to assist in furthering their education and beyond. In her spare time, Maryse enjoys spending quality time with her family and is actively involved in her Church.