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  • yibo 08/09/2017


yibo 08/09/2017

"Very good cause, I was so impressed the moment that I walked into the office seeing all these children's pictures on the wall. It's really impressive how much MAII has done in helping underprivileged children and families in Haiti. Everyone in the office is helpful and caring."

nagireddij 08/09/2017

"I have been volunteering for MAII for two weeks and it has been a wonderful experience.
The organization stays true to their goals helping underprivileged children in Haiti obtain an education. The office is well organized and the fellow volunteers are very helpful. I recommend volunteering at this organization to learn people skills and be helpful to needy."

Apple217 04/11/2017

"I have been Volunteering with MAII since January 2017 and it has been a great experience. The team is fantastic. Reverend Lucien truly cares about each individual volunteer and also about helping the local communities and also the families in Haiti. Wladimir, who heads up the Grant Writing Team has the patience of a saint. He is extremely kind and patient with each team member and great with training."

jose.occelin 04/03/2017

"My name is Jose and I am basically interning/ volunteering at this organization named Ministries of Aides International Inc. (MAII) located at Chelsea. I really enjoy the organization in general especially the board members. They are so nice, caring, respectful, and enthusiastic. My job is to research grants about the organization so they can continue giving back to the community. This organization's mission is to help unfortunate and save other lives and make difference to their lives. I encourage people to volunteer there because you can gain skills and experience, also you can be a part of those unfortunate lives. There are so many positions open and you can choose your availability."

Shown Above: MAII Volunteer (with children) advocating for a fundraiser that is intended to raise funding for school uniforms for children (from 2016).


Maarya 03/14/2017

"I have been volunteering with MAII on the grant writing team. The team is very supportive and we are united in working towards the common goal of improving the lives of children and families in Haiti. I am learning a lot and highly recommend this worthy organization."


jayaprakash 03/12/2017

"I have joined MAII in September as a Volunteer for helping in web development project. All the staff over there are very helpful and caring. I have learned a lot from them. I have learned how to keep goals for myself when you are working on projects which impact on the children they serve. It was very helpful later in my life for doing some useful work."


Writer 01/09/2017

"Volunteering with the MAII has been a pleasure. Their work is very direct and immediate, and even as an administrative assistant sticking to the smaller things in the office, I have always felt like I've been working with a nonprofit that actually makes a difference. The office environment has always been immensely warm and welcoming; from my first day here, I was treated like family, and the organization's leaders have been supportive and helpful in every possible way, in and out of work. On a professional level, everyone's been incredibly flexible with regards to scheduling and tasking. I sought out the MAII as a chance to earn professional experience in an office environment, and I'm glad I ended up here working with the people I do."

NIcktheguy 01/03/2017

"I have always been passionate about helping people who are in need, so i wanted to volunteer with an organization that does just that and i found a Ministries of aides they are very passionate about making an impact on the lives of the children and family and they are trying to help change the world."

Shown Above: MAII CEO, Rev. Lucien Duperier with former MAII Volunteers and staff (from 2016).

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