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  • Volunteer Testimonials of 2014 MAII 11/15/2014


Volunteer Testimonials of 2014

MAII 11/15/2014

"I have volunteered for MAII for the past three years. During this time, I have found the organization wonderful. We have helped a number of children attend school in Haiti that would not have the opportunity to have an education without the help and support from MAII."

Y.G 03/02/2014

"I volunteered with Ministries of Aides International for over a year. From the very first day that I joined the organization, I felt right at home. I was encouraged to share my ideas, provide feedback, and overall felt that my voice was valued. 

Working with both the leadership and other volunteers was a great learning experience. I got to be involved in many different types of work. While I participated in some typical office tasks, I was also challenged to take on more complex projects. In general, I think that volunteers are given many opportunities to learn new things and be empowered themselves. Volunteering at the Ministries is also a great cultural experience. I got to meet and work with other volunteers from different parts of the world in a diverse and enjoyable team environment. 

Another thing that impressed me is the commitment of the leadership team to the people that the organization serves. For them, it doesn't seem to be just a job. They really have a passion for what they're doing and give a lot of themselves, above and beyond what I think could be expected of them."

Shown Above: MAII Volunteers at the Chelsea, MA office (from 2016).

wladimirel 02/26/2014

"I had volunteered at this organization since 2006 and it has been quite a learning experience. The work they do truly impact the lives of unfortunate children. I had the opportunity to travel to the orphanages and the schools in Haiti and I say they are doing legitimate work. The funds go out to help the children as they mentioned."


Shown Above: MAII CEO, Rev. Lucien Duperier with former MAII Volunteers and staff (from 2016).

NThi 02/11/2014

"MAII has an incredible commitment to serving the neediest children in Haiti. I came to MAII to complete my graduate practicum as a grant/fund seeker. MAII guided and taught me how to find funds and write grants. After completing my practicum, I have decided to stay and volunteer because I enjoyed it so much. Everyone is very helpful and always checks up on one another. The place is very professional, but at the same time, is like a family. 

As a grad student, I am loaded with work. MAII understands that and they work with me to fit MAII into my schedule. If anyone would like to volunteer and have the heart to share, I recommend joining MAII! When you are there, you will understand how important you are and how much the children depend on you. There are many different opportunities for people of all ages."


Shown Above: MAII CEO, Rev. Lucien Duperier with former MAII Volunteers and staff (from 2016).

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