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Britta Wynne Eberle

Britta Wynne Eberle

Britta has spent half of the 2017 year assisting MAII with media production for their fundraising charity events and humanitarian outreach efforts. She also serves as the organization’s assistant board secretary and has worked as their marketing chair for past events.

Prior to this, Britta has spent the last 20 years mostly working full-time and volunteering as an interactive and print graphic designer.
Britta holds a BFA in visual arts and has been credited individually and with a team in the past for several online advertising awards.
In her spare time, she can be found cooking vegetarian fusion cuisine and reading.

Marcy Nash

Marcy Nash

"I'm a software developer with 20+ years of experience building Windows desktop and web applications utilizing Microsoft technologies including C++, C#, .NET, SQL Server, and IIS. I've recently transitioned to Full Stack Web Development using Open Source technologies including jQuery, Javascript, Ruby, Rails, Bootstrap and REST. I'm excited to apply my skills and experience to a great cause here at MAII!"

Eileen C. Bauer 

"I'm doing volunteer work at MAII in the summer/fall of 2017, and it has been a wonderful experience. The guys over there are extremely nice and helpful. Reverend Lucien, Wladimir, and other folks were very helpful and the knowledge that I got volunteering here will be instrumental in my getting a job. I gained knowledge and improved my time management during the time I stayed here. 
The organization is true to its goals of helping underprivileged children (including in Haiti) obtain an education. The office is well organized and the fellow volunteers are very helpful. I recommend volunteering at this organization to learn people skills and be helpful to needy. I would recommend anyone I know to volunteer if they have time. If I ever get an opportunity again, I would certainly spend some time with this wonderful organization."

Han Yee 

"I am a Web Developer and IT person who has been working with The MAII since July '17. My main responsibilities have been to help grow and improve the organization's main website while working alongside a team of talented web developers/designers. I am grateful to be part of this organization and to be supporting a great cause."

Pooja Sharma

"I came to the US a few months back and found the privilege to work for MAII.  I am happy that I am the part of the organization that is helping the people who really need help, especially focusing on education for the children. I am a part of the web development team and try to contribute to the organization with my web development skills, I can say coming to MAII for work I feel I am giving back to my country and my family."

Garima Narula  

"I am a software developer and shifted to the US last year. I started my volunteer work at MAII in May 2017 as an Assistant Manager. My responsibilities are to take care of the Child Sponsorship Program, help in for interviews, management for events and daily tasks for all the volunteers. It's great working with the organization as Reverend Lucien and all the fellow volunteers are really friendly and helpful. I am glad I got this opportunity as I am gaining experience here and as well able to work for a good cause, help children, and families in need."

Kuo Lu  

" I recently graduated with a computational physics degree from Gordon College, Wenham, MA, with a strong background in Python and Git. Being from China, I am bilingual (in English and Chinese). I like programming, boxing, good food, and Nintendo games. I am excited to volunteer for MAII because it is a good place for me to use my skills for good and practice my faith at the same time."

Nicolson Ariste  

"Nicolson Ariste was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and has worked with MAII since he was 10 years old. He is 17 years old now. He likes helping and feels that MAII is a great opportunity to gain professional real-life experience and resume-building skills. Growing up as a kid he felt there were challenges that the area in Haiti presented.

Paying for private school was difficult for his family and meals came only once or twice a day. The food was already prepared so he wasn’t able to eat his favorite meals all the time. Now that he has a chance to help through MAII he would like to do all he can for other children that had a similar situation.

Nicolson feels there was a struggle to find stable school systems. In Haiti, it is common for kids to be sent back home from school for lack of payment. Nicolson believes education is a great thing and to prevent being sent home from school himself he has joined MAII as a safety net. He is also active in MAII’s affiliated All Nations Grace Tabernacle Church. He encourages kids to get involved in similar programs if they have time. Helping others makes him feel proud and good about himself at the end of the day."

James Schadt 

"I am a recent college graduate from Wilmington, Delaware. I aspire to be a software developer and am volunteering with the MAII website. Outside of computer science, I am interested in basketball, hiking, and photography.

Snehal Kaore 

“I am a Software Engineer and shifted to the US a few months back. I started working at MAII in Sept 2018. I have experience in working in the IT field for the past 4 years.
It feels great working with this organization as all the volunteers are really friendly and helpful. It's a pleasure to work here.
Also, this would increase my experience here and as well as being able to work for a good cause, help children, and families in need.
As part of a web development team would try to contribute to the organization with my skills.”


Eriola Kapaj

Eriola Kapaj  “I am an Interactive Designer, UX/UI based in Boston. My main responsibilities are to help with the website design and social media marketing alongside very talented designers. I am enthusiastic to be part of this organization and to be supporting a great cause.

Eriola Kapaj

Cheng Jin

Cheng Jin 

As a front-end programmer, I have found no better cause to devote my time to then to further the mission of compassion, charity and hope that Ministries of Aides provides. As a volunteer, I am working to build a new website that will allow MAII to have the outreach necessary to pursue its mission in communicating and bringing together goodwill for the benefit of those who need it.