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How MAII Tries to Break the Cycle of Poverty...

MAII and Youth Above All

Shown here: Volunteers from a MAII child outreach and involvement project called "Youth Above All". (Pictures may pre-date 2016.)

This past year (2017) we have tried to rebuild our Board of Directors, expand our volunteer nexus and launch new e-systems that would help us improve sponsorship programs for children. These children need us to find donor matching programs that allow them to gain enough support to pay for the privatized school system tuition fees in Haiti. The launch of 2 new websites (currently still partially under construction) has also posed some unique questions, technical obstacles, and issues for the organization and its supporters. We have also improved the speed of internet at our vocational center in Port Margot. 

Overall, Ministries of Aides International Inc. (MAII) (a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization) is planning on continuing its work fighting poverty by delivering aid and relevant education to children and families in need while protecting their dignity. We seek to share our love of humanity in all our work, and we serve anyone regardless of his or her history, appearance, faith, gender, ability, or lifestyle.

Currently, MAII offers a continuum of services for people at every stage in the life cycle. Knowing that poverty is complex and multifaceted, we use a comprehensive approach that seeks to address the systemic causes of the problem. In order to bring lasting change, we lift up not only a child but also a family and a community, providing all people with education, healthcare, basic needs and caring support through all life’s joys and challenges.

In Haiti, MAII engages key players in local government, civil society, and the private sector to increase awareness of basic human rights and enforce child protection policies. Within the communities we serve, we partner with youths and adults to improve access to employment, career training, and other resources that help strengthen families and prevent neglect and abuse. We further work to build strong connections between MAII children and other youths by sponsoring recreational and educational activities that emphasize participation, teamwork, and cooperation.

Additionally, MAII collaborates with a team of US doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to sponsor annual health fairs for the communities in northern Haiti. All the children enrolled in our programs receive their yearly health examination during these events. Our doctors also offer educational seminars for all members of the community. The seminars provide insight about nutrition, sanitation, and disease prevention. Our health fairs operate out of 3 mobile offices that can travel to the people in need. In addition to these portable facilities, MAII is in the process of building a permanent medical center and a pharmacy in Port Margot.

Global Life Change:

In 2010, MAII responded to the cholera outbreak by conducting health education classes on proper hygiene and sanitation practices for over 350 people.

Prior to this, In 2007, MAII launched the Global Life Change (GLC) program to help young Haitians who are infected with HIV/AIDS and malaria. The program facilitates collaboration with a network of schools and churches in order to identify, reach and treat all children in northern Haiti who are suffering from these life-threatening diseases.

According to recent reports issued by the Haitian government, 6.1% of Haiti’s population is HIV positive, including over 17,000 children. Malaria is also rampant, and only 5% of all Haitian children suffering from the disease’s debilitating fevers ever receive treatment. This 5% is mostly the wealthy elites living in the major cities; few youths in rural areas have access to any medical care. Every day, the GLC is changing these sobering statistics.

MAII and the GLC network are promoting justice by ensuring that all children and families in underserved communities in Haiti and elsewhere experience their right to health.

Annual Banquet

Thanks for Supporting our Sponsor a Child Banquet!

We recently reached out to the local communities and asked everyone to talk to their friends and families and to consider helping to Sponsor a Child. We held a banquet dinner that was dedicated to raising awareness about the project which helps build support networks for children in need. Providing healthcare, education and housing to those children that need help.

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