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  • Our projects in Haiti are always in need of extra hands, and we would love to organize a mission trip for you.


Some Projects We're Working On

Amidst a busy lifestyle, finding a regular time to volunteer can be daunting. You want to contribute to something greater than yourself, but you’re exhausted after long days at work. When you feel like all you need is a break, why not change things up and use your vacation time to serve others? Our projects in Haiti are always in need of extra hands, and we would love to organize a mission trip for you. You may also join our program as a family or as part of a group project with friends and colleagues.
Because each person or group has different skills and seeks different experiences, we ask that you contact us directly to see how we can tailor a trip for you. We do have some standard trip schedules, but we always adapt these plans for each party. Depending on your schedule, the size of your group, and the types of projects you would like to contribute to, we will customize an itinerary that fits everyone’s needs. If you are an individual, we will look to pair you with others so you can enjoy a more social working environment.
We understand that our volunteers are exceedingly generous, and we want to make your experience as positive as possible. Every day you will have time to yourself when you can relax, read, reflect, or explore the area around you. These trips are transformational for everyone involved; you will forge new friendships, see a new style of life, and refocus on your core values through service. Likewise, the Haitians you meet will be enriched by cultural exchange, will feel a new hope for the future, and will remember your kindness forever.

Listing of Some of the Types of Projects Our Volunteers Work On

 • Caring for orphaned children 
 • Leading enrichment activities 
 • Participating in construction and demolition 
 • Cooking and distributing food 
 • Providing basic education and healthcare 
 • Participating in infrastructure projects 
• Performing technology repair and maintenance  
We have something for people of all abilities and look forward to engaging with you in the future. Please contact our office at missiontrips@themaii.org or call us toll-free at 1-866-816-4553.

Learning More About Mission Trips

To help you prepare for the trip before you travel to Haiti, please view our Updated Volunteer GuideBook.V3 .

Mission Trip Costs

The cost of a mission trip is $800 for a week (5-7 days) and $1,200 for two weeks (8-14 days). These fees are considered donations and help cover the following:
• >Accommodation at MAII’s Guesthouse
• Ground transportation within Haiti (payments for fuel, bus, and drivers)
• Food & bottled water
• Project materials
• In-country orientation/training
• In-country staff support
• MAII logistics
The program fees listed above do NOT include flight arrangements. Volunteers must cover their own airfare to and from Haiti. The other costs you will need to meet are tourist visa (if applicable), vaccinations, travel insurance, and a departure tax (required by the Haitian authorities). You also need to consider other personal expenses such as snacks and souvenirs.
MAII requires a 50% deposit of the trip cost, due 14 days prior to departure. Final payment on the remaining balance is due 7 days prior to the trip, or you will not be able to travel with MAII. Once final payment is made, all donations go into the general fund of Ministries of Aides International, Inc. to be used at our discretion and become a non-refundable donation.

Special Note: The mission trip fees are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permissible by law.

Funding Your Trip

Fundraising is a great way to raise the money you need to go on a mission. Whether you are planning for a short-term (1-2 weeks) mission project or a longer volunteer trip, MAII would like to help make your service possible. Please review the following Resources & Ideas for tools that will help you plan a successful fundraising initiative.

Resources & Ideas

MAII Informational Materials. MAII would be glad to provide pamphlets and other informational materials needed to give strong fundraising presentation to peers, colleagues, and other potential supporters in your network.
Crowdfunding Sites. Online fundraising through crowdfunding sites is an increasingly popular way to raise money for a variety of projects. To help cover the costs of your mission trip, you can launch a campaign page on any major crowdfunding site, describing the details of your project and the amount of money you need to raise to complete it. Next, share your page link with family, friends, and colleagues via social media and email, and ask them to support your goal.
Fundraising ideas. Work with friends and families to organize fundraising activities such as raffles, car wash, yard/garage sales, bake/refreshment sales, “night out” fundraisers, and other fun activities to help fund your trip.

Sources of Funding

Family and Friends. Reach out to family, friends, neighbors, and other community members and discuss your desire to participate in the mission trip. Share with them some of the needs of MAII communities and your reasons for wanting to volunteer. Previous volunteers with MAII have found friends and family to be very supportive of their goals.
Grants and Scholarships. For students interested in volunteering, your university or academic department may be a great source of funding. Many departments have discretionary funds that may be used for volunteer travel if your trip can be integrated into an academic or service-learning project. Many charities also provide short-term travel grants to individuals to defray volunteer expenses such as airfare. Research grants available for volunteering abroad and submit a proposal requesting support.
Please visit our FAQ page.

2019 Mission Trip Dates

Below is a list of our mission trips. Please contact us via email (missiontrips@maii.org) to confirm you're possible mission dates and space availability.
Leave U.S. Return to the U.S.
April 7th April 14th
April 7th April 21st
July 7th July 14th
July 7st July 21th
October 7th October 14th
October 7th October 21st

Mission FAQ is here