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Ministries of Aides International, Inc. (MAII)

Compassion is Giving Campaign for #GivingTuesday
Global Day of Giving Takes Place this Year on November 27

Chelsea, MA 2018 – Ministries of Aides International, Inc. (MAII) is planning to raise $100,000.00 for humanitarian efforts during #GivingTuesday, a global giving movement that has been driven by individuals, families, organizations, businesses and communities in all 50 states and in countries around the world. Since its founding in 2012, millions of people have come together to support and champion the causes they believe in and the communities in which they live.

Your cheerful support is appreciated. Please use the links below to make a tax-deductible donation that will benefit the lives of children abroad:



About Ministries of Aides International, Inc. (MAII)

MAII has joined #GivingTuesday in an effort to raise funds that would benefit children and families in Haiti and abroad. MAII has a proven track record of success in the past and has helped thousands of families.

MAII gets their school uniforms.

“At MAII we believe education is the key to freedom and wellbeing.” — Rev. Lucien Duperier

The mission of Ministries of Aides International, Incorporated (MAII) is to partner with
underserved communities in order to offer compassionate aid and empowering education that
prepare families for healthy, self-sufficient futures. We work with individuals and families to
extend their rights to education, healthcare, and other basic needs. Capitalizing on the passion
and abilities of local people, we provide the organization and training necessary to raise leaders
who can spark grassroots change.

MAII Birthday Party

Our Goals

             SHELTER               CAREER SUPPORT         DISASTER RELIEF             EDUCATION                       HEALTH



• Improve access to primary schooling in disadvantaged communities.
• Equip youths with the tools necessary to become critical thinkers and agents of change.


• Reduce child hunger and malnutrition.
• Enhance access to basic health and disease prevention services.


• Provide refuge and protection to orphans and other vulnerable children.
• Offer comprehensive support and enrichment program to help children thrive and succeed.


• Improve access to primary schooling in disadvantaged communities.
• Enhance vocational and technical training to support the skills and competencies young adults
need for non-farming employment.


• Increase community disaster awareness and preparedness.
• Leverage resources to improve disaster response.

About #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday is a movement, built by people around the world, to celebrate giving of all
kinds. It is celebrated on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (in the U.S.), Black Friday and Cyber
Monday; this year it falls on November 27, 2018. This movement is the result of the collective
power of a unique blend of partners—nonprofits large and small; businesses and corporations;
schools and universities; civic campaigns in cities, states and regions; and families and
individuals—to inspire people to take collaborative action to improve their local communities and
contribute in countless ways to the causes they believe in. Everyone has something to give.

To learn more about #GivingTuesday participants and activities or to join the celebration of
giving, please visit:

Website: www.givingtuesday.org
Twitter: twitter.com/GivingTues