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  • Improve access to primary schooling in disadvantaged communities


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Primary Schools

In the rural communities of northern Haiti, public education is severely lacking. Even private schools, which typically enroll the overwhelming majority of school-aged children in Haiti, are rare in these towns. The few students who can afford a private school education spend hours traveling back and forth to school each day. Rev. Lucien Duperier, the founder of MAII, has seen hundreds of hopeless children wandering the streets of northern Haiti, having nowhere to go and nothing to do. In response, MAII opened the first primary (elementary) school in Port Margot, Haiti in 1981. The school served 316 children from grades 1 through 8.

The Primary School was immediately a great success. Not only did it serve children in Port Margot, but others from neighboring towns soon began to seek enrollment. Before long the school was overflowing, and the need for new campuses became evident.
Today, MAII operates 8 primary schools in northern Haiti. Our curriculum teaches literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, technology, languages, health and arts. Aside from an excellent education that prepares each student for further academic work, these primary schools offer healthy lunches each day, which is often the only food these children receive. While the youths learn, many mothers are able to earn wages when they previously would have provided childcare.
Our students work hard in the classroom, but they also love to laugh, play, and make lasting friendships. MAII’s campuses overflow with the happy, vibrant energy of youth. However, we need your help to further cultivate and preserve the joy of learning among our children.
Without the generosity of people like you, education would be out of reach for hundreds of children. Below is a list of ways to support our schools:

Ways to Get Involved in Our Primary Schools
  Make a generous tax-deductible donation to our educational programs. 
  Complete our training program to become an MAII volunteer teacher. 
  Sponsor the education of a youth for less than $1 a day. Begin your sponsorship now. 
  Help us maintain our school facilities by making a monetary donation or providing construction materials. (Please see “Building Projects” for a list of needed materials.) 
  Support our lunch program to keep children happy, healthy, and ready to learn by making a generous donation. 
  Donate school supplies such as uniforms, backpacks, notebooks, pens & pencils, chalk, and other scholastic materials. (Please send items to 276 Broadway – Suite 2, Chelsea, MA 02150. Thank you.) 

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Secondary Schools

In 2001, MAII opened the first secondary school (high school) in Port Margot, serving 250 students in grades 9 and 10. Today, the school serves more than 650 students, offers grades 9 through 13, and is the largest school in Port Margot. Every year, the students pass the government’s national Baccalaureate examination with an 80% to 90% success rate.
MAII believes that, with a good education, life can be healthier and more self-fulfilling. We think that proper education is the best way to alleviate poverty in our world, as it empowers students to make a change themselves. Our secondary school emphasizes a holistic approach. Not only do we teach a standard academic curriculum, but we also strive to nurture students physically and psychologically. We are dedicated to raising confident, capable and compassionate leaders for the future.
MAII’s secondary school has earned an excellent reputation, and many students are currently on our waitlist. We have developed plans for expansion, and we need your continued assistance during this exciting time of future growth.

Ways to Get Involved in Our Secondary School

Make a generous tax-deductible donation to our educational programs.
Complete our training program and become an MAII volunteer teacher.
Help us expand our facilities by making a monetary donation or a gift of construction items.
Donate books (particularly in Creole or French) to help expand our library.
Donate recreational equipment to keep our youths active and healthy.

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Together, we can equip our secondary school students with the necessary tools to succeed in university and the labor force. Donate today! 

Vocational School

Helping children can pave the way to a brighter future, but one must serve the community holistically to accomplish complete revitalization. For generations, agriculture brought great prosperity to northern Haiti, but today’s damaged fields, corrupt redistribution of land and low wages mean that farming no longer yields enough to support the people. Today over 70% of Haiti's population is unemployed, leaving parents unable to provide for their children. Even if those children receive an education, malnutrition and poor sanitation at home prevent them from fulfilling their potential.
In an effort to develop and promote the skills that adults need to seek employment, MAII established a vocational school in 2006. The program seeks to diversify the local economy and provides professional training for students who have finished their secondary education but need relevant skills to secure jobs.

We offer courses in:
Business entrepreneurship
Information technology
Languages (French, Creole, English and Spanish)
  Auto repair 
  Textile production and arts 
  Sustainable agriculture  
Our students are now successfully employed in education, business, and government. Others are individual entrepreneurs, providing services throughout the Port Margot region. The program has also graduated 343 students who have gone on to pursue advanced degrees at Haiti’s national universities, a feat that only 1% of all Haitians ever undertake.

Ways to Get Involved in Our Vocational School

Share your technical expertise by serving as a volunteer teacher or technician for the courses listed above.
Donate course equipment and materials such as PCs, sewing machines, auto parts, professional hair care products and beauty supplies, plumbing products, etc.

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Computer Learning Center

In 2004, MAII launched an initiative to educate eager adults in northern Haiti. The first step in this process was the opening of the Computer Learning Center in Port Margot. This center houses more than 20 computers, which are equipped with software packages for business and academics. They were the first computers in the city, and remain the hot spot for technology within the community today. MAII uses the computer center to teach technology courses in its primary and secondary schools in Port Margot, and also offers classes for adults in the technical and vocational school. When not in use for classes, the Computer Learning Center is available to the public so that community members may benefit from doing business work, practicing skills, and enjoying the advantages of technology.
There is currently no Internet in the Port Margot region, and this lack of technology is contributing to the ever-widening wealth gap in Haiti. We believe strongly in the value of giving students access to the Internet while teaching them how to use it productively and responsibly. Internet capabilities help overcome information poverty, pave the way for efficient communication, and are important employable skills in themselves. MAII is working hard to have the Computer Learning Center hooked up to the web in the near future.

Please help us connect rural communities in northern Haiti to the rest of the world by making a donation today. You can also support our computer learning center by in the ways listed below.

Ways to Get Involved in Our Computer Learning Center
Share your technical expertise as an MAII volunteer computer instructor or technician.
Donate computer hardware and software (Desktop PCs, laptops, anti-virus software, Microsoft Office suites, etc.)
  Donate projectors and AV equipment. 
  Help us bring a computer learning center to Bas-Limbe, another town in northern Haiti.

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